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¡No dejes que un sismo te tome por sorpresa! ¿Estás preparado en caso de una emergencia?TeleMundo - April 25, 2024Debes tener un plan si vives en California. Es muy necesario. Expertos dijeron que los terremotos suceden todos los días y en un mes, y en California llegan a ocurrir más de 10,000. Entonces, ¿cómo estás preparado si de repente la tierra empieza a temblar?
Earthquake Preparedness Month: How to prepare a plan for your familyNBC San Diego - April 24, 2024Sergio Flores with NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 Responds has strategy information that can save our lives.
SF commemorates 118th anniversary of 1906 earthquake with ceremony, stressing preparednessABC 7 News - April 18, 2024San Francisco is marking the 118th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire that nearly destroyed the city.
Portion of California’s San Andreas Fault primed for imminent earthquake, study shows: ‘We are waiting’New York Post - April 10, 2024Remote sections along California’s massive San Andreas Fault, where large earthquakes regularly occur, may be primed to shake again any day now, according to a new study.
Taiwan quake shines light on Bay Area earthquake preparednessNBC Bay Area - April 3, 2024Earthquakes are nothing new for Californians, but as Taiwan works to recover from its deadly 7.4 magnitude quake, many people are wondering what a massive quake would mean here in the Bay Area.
Cal OES highlights ways Californians can protect themselves from earthquake falloutKCRA - April 15, 2024April is California Earthquake Preparedness Month and in light of recent seismic events on the East Coast, California's Office of Emergency Services is highlighting some safety measures folks can take to protect themselves.
Central Coast residents urged to take part in Earthquake Preparedness MonthKeyT - April 10, 2024People who live on the Central Coast are being urged by both the state and local Offices of Emergency Services (OES) to take part in Earthquake Preparedness Month.
Tsunami warning systems to activate today in parts of Bay Area, Northern CaliforniaSF Chronicles - March 27, 2024Tsunami warning systems to activate today in parts of Bay Area, Northern California
Is My Kid’s LAUSD Campus Safe From Earthquakes?LAist - March 25, 2024Is my kid’s local LAUSD campus earthquake safe?

That’s what listener Connie Lichtenstein wanted to know after she found out that the school they were considering sending one of their children to had a building that may need to be retrofitted.
Earthquake sensors at Farallon Islands upgraded as part of ShakeAlert network improvementsCBS News Bay Area - March 7, 2024A seismic sensor station on the remote Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco was upgraded with new sensors in January and February, according to an announcement from the University of California, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.
Earthquake-detecting sensors upgraded on critical Farallon Islands outpostKRON4 - March 4, 2024A seismic sensor station on the remote Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco was upgraded with new sensors in January and February, according to an announcement from the University of California, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.
M4.9 earthquake among cluster of temblors off Northern California coastNBC Bay Area - February 29, 2024A series of moderately strong earthquakes, including one measuring a 4.9 magnitude, struck off the coast of Northern California overnight, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
About 6,000 buildings in L.A. are at risk in an earthquake. Do you live or work in one of them?L.A. Times - February 16, 2024There have been four earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater in southern California so far this year.

As Californians prepare for the big one, the Los Angeles Times has created an interactive tool so readers can determine whether their homes are retrofitted against quakes.
Legoland closed on Valentine’s Day for large-scale training exerciseKTLA - February 14, 2024Southern California search and rescue crews will be holding a training exercise Wednesday at Legoland, so the public will have to wait until Thursday to ride rollercoasters and rides at the theme park.
Southern California shaken by 13 earthquakes over 25 minutesThe Guardian - February 12, 2024Several earthquakes, the largest of which registered a magnitude of 5.0, struck El Centro in the Imperial Valley
CyberShake study uses Summit supercomputer to investigate earthquake hazardsPhys Org - February 7, 2024Researchers at the Statewide California Earthquake Center, or SCEC, are unraveling the mysteries of earthquakes by using physics-based computational models running on high-performance computing systems at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory
4.9-magnitude earthquake strikes in Pacific Ocean near EurekaCBS News - February 2, 2024A significant earthquake struck off the coast of Northern California on Friday morning.

The earthquake hit just after 7 a.m., about 60 miles west of Petrolia in the Pacific Ocean.
How Worried Should You Be About Earthquakes in the US?Discovery Magazine - January 31, 2024The most recent analysis of earthquake hazards in the US reminds us that our country has a lot of potential for shaking.
Magnitude 4.2 earthquake felt across Southern CaliforniaLA Times - January 24, 2024The earthquake, centered in San Bernardino, struck at 7:43 p.m. and resulted in light shaking across the Inland Empire, including in Riverside, Fontana, Rialto, Rancho Cucamonga, Moreno Valley and Redlands, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
YOU’LL FIND A FAULT NEARBYManteca Bulletin - January 23, 2024There are quakes every hour in California. But unless they are over 3.0, you will not feel them. The smaller ones are all detected by sensors.
Preliminary 4.2 magnitude quake strikes off Northern California coastNBC Bay Area - January 22, 2024A preliminary 4.2 magnitude earthquake shook off the coast of Northern California and west of the border between Del Norte and Humboldt counties Monday night, the United States Geological Survey said.
Will SF's Golden Gate Bridge survive the next big earthquake? USGS details new threat7 News - January 22, 2024California is long overdue for a major earthquake. In fact, new data from the United States Geological Survey suggests the next one to hit the Bay Area will likely be larger and more impactful than previously thought. As far as when, geologists warn the threat could be imminent.
Nearly 75% of the U.S. could experience a damaging earthquake in the next 100 years, new USGS map showsCBS News - January 18, 2024They were able to identify nearly 500 additional fault lines that could produce damaging earthquakes.
Cal OES Offers Information on How to Be Prepared for the Next Southern California EarthquakeSierra Sun Times - January 09, 2024Southern California was rattled by a 4.2 earthquake late Friday morning, which makes this a good time to remind everyone to be prepared before the next one hits.
Earthquake: Magnitude 4.1 quake felt around Rose Parade, across L.A. L.A. Times - January 1, 2024 A magnitude 4.1 earthquake off the Los Angeles County coast brought weak shaking throughout Southern California on Monday.
20 years ago, a deadly earthquake shook small-town CaliforniaSFGate - December 22, 2023SFGATE's Victoria Sepulveda remembers living through the San Simeon quake that devastated the Central Coast
Disaster Alert Technology Test Sought From APTSRBR - December 19, 2023The non-profit group representing educational non-commercial TV stations across the U.S. is urging the FCC to explore using television datacasting technologies to help fill wireless coverage gaps when cell service is interrupted during disasters.
Precarious rock formations near Los Angeles hold clues to giant earthquake hazardsScience ORG - December 15, 2023Someday, a great earthquake will erupt from the San Andreas fault, which cuts through Southern California from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Geologic records make it clear. It has happened, and it will happen again.
This is how you can receive early warnings of earthquakes in CaliforniaNation World - December 14, 2023California is the first state in the United States to have a seismic alert system through the MyShake application, which allows you to prepare for earthquakes or tremors. Do you know how they can reach your cell phone?
About 6,000 buildings in L.A. are at risk in an earthquake. Do you live or work in one of them?L.A. Times - December 12, 2023Search this map of condo, apartment and office buildings that may still need a seismic retrofit, and learn more about each city’s earthquake ordinances.
Sismo en California hoy, martes 21 de noviembre: último reporte del USGSCalifornia - November 21, 2023Sismo en California hoy, martes 21 de noviembre: último reporte del USGS
Preliminary magnitude 3.2 earthquake rattles Northern CaliforniaNBC Bay Area staff - November 19, 2023Preliminary magnitude 3.2 earthquake rattles Northern California
Wildfires diverting resources from earthquake-proofing buildings in California warns John Lesak DEZEEN
November 14, 2023
Wildfires diverting resources from earthquake-proofing buildings in California warns John Lesak
This early-warning earthquake app has been retired, but here are others that Californians can still rely onBay Area News Group -
November 7, 2023
This early-warning earthquake app has been retired, but here are others that Californians can still rely on
The Great Shakeout drillKTVU Fox 2 News - October 19, 2023The Great Shakeout drill
Ésta es la mejor y la peor arquitectura de San Diego en 2023/News The San Diego Union-Tribune
- October 18, 2023
Esta es la mejor y la peor arquitectura de San Diego en 2023
WATCH: An earthquake simulator shakes up reporter, California emergency officialNews KTVU Fox 2 -
October 12, 2023
An earthquake simulator shakes up reporter, California emergency official
Shake and rattle on the DOCO plaza to experience earthquake on WednesdayNews KCRA Channel 3 - October 11, 2023Shake and rattle on the DOCO plaza to experience earthquake on Wednesday
Morocco earthquake is a warning for California: Weak brick buildings can become deathtrapsLos Angeles Times – September 12, 2023The hard-hit ancient city of Marrakech, founded a millennium ago, might seem half a world away from California. But the destruction wrought by weak brick structures breaking apart, unable to withstand seismic activity, is something with which California must also grapple.
It’s impossible to predict exactly when and where an earthquake will strike Verify – September 5, 2023 Many people who live on the West Coast have heard that a large earthquake known as “the big one” is coming, but no one knows exactly when it will strike.
'My Shake' app sends an alert seconds before an earthquake strikes KSBY San Luis Obispo – August 23, 2023 Earthquakes aren’t uncommon for Californians. “It's common," said Shell Beach resident Kathie Merlo. I've felt them here. I felt them in San Diego." A 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck near Ojai in Ventura County just days ago, serving as a reminder about the importance of prevention before a disaster.
Earthquake Insurance Policies Are About To Change In CaliforniaKQED – August 22, 2023 On Sunday, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake rattled much of Southern California. It didn’t cause much damage or injury, but the quake was a reminder that a far more costly temblor can hit at any time. That got us thinking about earthquake insurance and we found out that the California Earthquake Authority, which administers quake coverage in the state, is making some big changes to earthquake policies.
How to set up earthquake alerts on your phone KTLA – August 22, 2023 Did you get an earthquake alert on your phone Sunday? There are several ways to make sure they’re delivered to your smartphone. Here’s how. First off, there are two types of earthquake alerts: early warning alerts and notifications that an earthquake just happened.
3 interesting facts about earthquakes in California KGET Bakersfield – August 14, 2023 Earthquakes are part of life in California. If you live in the Golden State for any significant period of time, you are likely to experience several of them.
APTS Receives Grant from Cal OES to Deliver Earthquake Early Warnings Throughout CaliforniaAPTS – August 7, 2023 America's Public Television Stations (APTS) has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to provide an earthquake early warning alert system across the State of California. The 19-month grant will finance alert operations for 11 California public television stations and will be administered by APTS, based in Arlington, VA.
Study shows California can learn from Turkey’s devastating earthquakeKPBS – August 7, 2023 February’s massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria were what seismologists call a doublet. The first time the ground shifted the rupture was 300 kilometers long at a magnitude of 7.8. Just nine hours later the second one occurred and it was half as long but almost as powerful. That timing multiplied the tragedy as many people entered buildings after the first earthquake to try to save people and possessions.
Caltech researchers say fiber optic cables can detect, measure earthquakesPasadena Star News – August 2, 2023 Thousands of miles of fiber-optic cables, already in place across California, can shake up the study of earthquakes. New research out of Caltech used a section of telecommunication fiber to sense and measure a magnitude 6 earthquake, repurposing the assemblies to extract sharper details about the temblor.
Shake it off: Can Swifties really register on earthquake sensors?CBS 13 Sacramento – July 28, 2023 The Taylor Swift concerts in Santa Clara on Friday and Saturday are not only being watched by thousands of fans, they're also being monitored by seismologists.
What California can learn about earthquake safety from Santa MonicaLos Angeles Times – July 7, 2023 Santa Monica has emerged as a leader in California earthquake safety, retrofitting more than half of its seismically vulnerable buildings.
Will your home survive a major quake? Free cash from California can helpLos Angeles Times – June 23, 2023 With more than a million California houses in need of seismic retrofitting, the California Earthquake Authority and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services launched a program 10 years ago to cover at least part of the cost of shoring up the foundations of older homes in earthquake zones.
Four Things California Can Do as Home Insurers RetreatSan Jose Inside – June 22, 2023 …If a company is trying to figure out how much it should charge for earthquake coverage, it would look at proximity to fault lines, Frazier said, but for wildfire insurance, California doesn’t do that.
Why hasn’t L.A. seen a big San Andreas quake recently? Researchers find a clueLos Angeles Times – June 9, 2023 It’s a riddle that has both blessed California and still raises worries for the future: Why hasn’t L.A. seen a big San Andreas earthquake in generations? And what does that mean when it does come?
What triggers an earthquake and how are they measured? A California physicist answersSacramento Bee – May 12, 2023 On Thursday afternoon, a 5.5-magnitude earthquake rattled Northern California, its epicenter at Lake Almanor in northwestern Plumas County. The aftershock struck at 3:18 a.m. Friday and had a magnitude of 5.2.
Earthquakes shake northern California including strong aftershockAssociated Press – May 12, 2023 Earthquakes have rattled a large area of northern California this week, including a strong aftershock shake early on Friday. Only minor damage was immediately reported.
USGS tracking chances of another major earthquake in CaliforniaABC 10 Sacramento – May 12, 2023 A moderate earthquake and a large aftershock have rocked Northern California in the last 24 hours.
M5.4 earthquake strikes north of ChicoABC 10 Sacramento – May 11, 2023 A preliminary magnitude 5.4 earthquake has struck north of Chico, California, Thursday.
Plumas County resort closes through Friday morning due to earthquake aftermathABC 10 Sacramento – May 11, 2023 Plumas County businesses are cleaning up damage left behind by the magnitude 5.5 earthquake that hit the area near Lake Almanor Thursday afternoon.
5.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Northern CaliforniaKCRA Sacramento – May 11, 2023 A 5.4 magnitude earthquake was reported Thursday afternoon in the Plumas County area but could be felt across Northern California.
Watch: Here's when a quake struck Northern California during our newscastKCRA Sacramento – May 11, 2023 The KCRA 3 News at 4 p.m. was live on the air when a 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook Northern California on Thursday.
5.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Northern CaliforniaFox 40 Sacramento – May 11, 2023 A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck in Northern California Thursday afternoon around 4:19 p.m., with the shaking felt at least as far away as Sacramento.
"Glass was flying": Plumas County businesses clean up after 5.5-magnitude earthquakeCBS 13 Sacramento – May 11, 2023 ... Office of Emergency Services said he knew the shaker was coming just moments before thanks to a notification from the "MyShake" app.
Did you feel it? Earthquake rattles Northern California. Here’s where it was located BY DANIEL HUNT UPDATED MAY 11, 2023 4:50:00 PM Sacramento Bee – May 11, 2023 A mild earthquake, with an initial magnitude measuring 5.4, rattled parts of Northern California on Thursday afternoon.
Magnitude 5.4 earthquake hits Northern California, felt in San FranciscoSFGate – May 11, 2023 An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.4 struck Northern California on Thursday afternoon, with shaking reportedly felt in parts of the Bay Area and as far south as San Francisco.
If you didn't get an alert on MyShake app before, during or after Tuesday's 4.5 earthquake, here's why | abc7news.comKGO San Francisco – April 5, 2023
Tuesday's earthquake was centered near Hollister but it was felt across much of the region. Many voiced their frustrations online about not getting a ShakeAlert update about the quake on their phone.
Where will the next ‘big one’ be in California? Seismologists name faults of top concernMarch 5, 2023: Fox San Diego: Following the catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria along faults with similar characteristics as the ones in California, CalOES Emergency Services Seismic Hazrds Branch, Jose Lara, provides a list of important earthquake preparedness actions that Californians can take, including downloading the MyShake App.
How to choose the best weather appThe Washington Post - February 23, 2023 The Washington Post includes the MyShake App in its list of the most effective weather-related applications to have on your phone, for its ability to provide users with seconds of warning before the shaking of an earthquake arrives.
Stay Prepared For An Earthquake By Keeping These Safety Items On HandThe Huffington Post- February 13, 2023 CalOES senior emergency services coordinator Jon Gudel provides important earthquake preparedness tips including establishing evacuation routes, learning how to drop, cover, and hold on, and downloading the MyShake App.
What's Changed Since the 1994 Northridge EarthquakeNBC Los Angeles - January 18, 2023 On the 29th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake, NBC Los Angeles outlines changes in California's infrastructure to become more earthquake resistant, including the implementation of the earthquake early warning system and the creation of the MyShake App.
6.4-magnitude earthquake hits Northern CaliforniaNBC News - December 20, 2022 Earthquake impacting Humboldt County measured at 6.4-magnitude.  Residents alerted with MyShake
2 hurt, 'widespread damages' after 6.4 earthquake in Humboldt County; ABC News - December 20, 2022 Earthquake impacting Humboldt County measured at 6.4-magnitude.  Residents alerted with MyShake
Opinion: Bay Area October temblor reminds of need to retrofit housesMercury News - November 15, 2022 Opinion piece, urges need for residents to prepare their homes for earthquakes like currently done for fires and covers the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program
Californians need to prepare their homes for the next big onePasadena Star News - November 14, 2022 Opinion piece, written by California State Senator, Anthony Portantino addressing importance of the MyShake App and the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program
First-in-the-nation earthquake warning system notified the Bay AreaOur Weekly LA - November 3, 2022 California’s first-in-the-nation Earthquake Early Warning System, implemented under Gov. Gavin Newsom, provided advanced notification to more than 2.2 million Californians before shaking started for the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that was felt throughout the Bay Area Oct. 25.
CA Earthquake Warning SystemKGET NBC - October 28, 2022 Coverage on success of MyShake App in notifying more than 2 million users.
California’s earthquake warning system notified 2.2 million people of Bay Area quake MSN /Lake County Recorder Bee - October 28, 2022 Advanced notifications provided up to 19 seconds, in many locations, for Californians to take protective action to “drop, cover, and hold on” and stay safe during the earthquake.
California Warned 2.2 Million People Via Phone Alerts Before Earthquake Hit CNET  - October 28, 2022 Coverage of the 5.1 San Jose earthquake with CalOES' Brian Ferguson
Early Warning SuccessKION CBS - October 28, 2022 CalOES' Jose Lara discussing MyShake alerts as important to families and residents following the 5.1 San Jose earthquake.
California's Earthquake Warning and Detection System KNVN NBC, October 26, 20221 CalOES' Lori Nezhura addresseing the 5.1 earthquake and using the MyShake app.
California debuts earthquake early warning systemCBS Sacramento - October 27, 2022 The state’s first-in-the nation earthquake warning system was able to notify 2.2 million people of the San Jose earthquake earlier this week.  Segment featuring CalOES' Jose Lara.
5.1 Earthquake in San Jose with KTVUKTVU Fox, October 26, 2022 Interview with CalOES' Brian Ferguson noting San Jose quake gave residents 2-18 seconds advance notice before shaking.
Using "MyShake" App to Prepare for Earthquakes KRON-TV, October 26, 2022 CalOES' Jose Lara discussing the early warning provided by MyShake and importance of protective action.
95k Warned Early About Quake KION CBS, October 26, 2022 CalOES' Lori Nezhura shared how more than 95,000 people were alerted to a moderate to large earthquake giving precious seconds and minutes of warning via the MyShake app.
Nearly 100,000 Bay Area residents were alerted about earthquake seconds before they felt itKTVU Fox, October 25, 2022 CalOES' Brian Ferguson addresses the 5.1 magnitude earthquake in San Jose and how the MyShake app functions.
Cal OES Provides Updates on Earthquakes Felt in the South Bay NBC Bay Area, October 25, 2022 Cal OES’ Brian Ferguson provides an update on the 5.1 and 3.1 quakes that rattled the South Bay and gives recommendations on how to prepare for earthquakes.
Great California ShakeoutKSWB Fox - October 20, 2022 CalOES' Yvette LaDuke shares details one the Great ShakeOut and shake simulator Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill San Diego
Great California ShakeOut DrillKNSD NBC - October 20, 2022 Coverage on the San Diego stop of the ShakeOut tour.
Los Angeles ShakeOut Tour Stop KNX-AM - October 19, 2022 CalOES' Jose Lara radio interview on how to prepare for earthquakes and steps to take in the event of an earthquake.
Great California ShakeOut Tour - Los AngelesKTTV FOX - October 19, 2022 Coverage of shake simulator in Los Angeles
Earthquake Simulator in Downtown LA TodayKABC - October 19, 2022 Coverage of Great ShakeOut tour simulator in Los Angeles
Great California ShakeOut Tour Stops in BakersfieldKERO-ABC - October 18, 2022 CalOES' Jose Lara describes importance of earthquake preparedness.
Great California ShakeOut - Downtown BakersfieldKBFX FOX - October 18, 2022 Coverage on ShakeOut stop in Bakersfield.
Bakersfield Stop - Earthquake SimulatorKGET NBC - October 18, 2022 Coverage on ShakeOut Tour stop in Bakersfield, CA
Earthquake Simulator Makes Cal Poly StopKSBY NBC - October 17, 2022 CalOES' Derek Lambeth reminds residents to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at San Luis Obispo ShakeOut tour stop.
Earthquake Simulator Will Teach People About EarthquakesKRON - October 13, 2022 Coverage on the Bay Area stop of the ShakeOur Tour and interviews with residents.
Earthquake Simulator Tour - Menlo parkKTVU FOX - October 13, 2022 CalOES' Derek Lambeth discussing earthquake preparedness and purpose of simulator.
7.0 Earthquake Simulator - Menlo ParkKNTV - NBC - October 13, 2022 Coverage on Bay Area stop of ShakeOut tour
Great California Shakeout Tour - Menlo ParkKPIX - CBS - October 13 ,2022 Coverage on Bay Area stop of ShakeOut tour and interview with CalOES' Derek Lambeth
Earthquake Simulator for Disaster Preparedness  - SacramentoKTXL FOX - October 12, 2022 CalOES' Jose Lara discusses the ShakeOut tour and MyShake app functions.
Earthquake Simulator - Museum of Science and Curiosity KMAX CBS- Good Day - October 12, 2022 CalOES' Jose Lara interview at Sacramento ShakeOut tour stop.
Earthquake Simulator - Great ShakeOutKCRA 3, October 12, 2022 CalOES' Jose Lara sharing preparedness information at ShakeTour stop in Sacramento.
Extreme Earthquake Experience - Great California Shakeout TourKHSL CBS, October 10, 2022 Announcement regarding start of Shakeout Tour.
Experts Warn Larger, More Extensive Earthquake Could Hit the Bay AreaNBC Bay Area, September 14th, 2022 California’s Early Warning Alert notified 400,000 people of the 4.4 magnitude Santa Rosa earthquake.
How Well Did the Early Warning System Work During North Bay QuakeNBC Bay Area, September 14th, 2022 NBC Bay Area’s Raj Mathai spoke to Jose Lara, seismic hazards branch manager of the California OES, about the early warning system that seemed to work well.
BART, early adopter of Earthquake Early Warning System, shares learnings with other agencies around the countryBay Area Rapid Transit, August 16th, 2022 BART developed technology that leverages the U.S. Geological Survey-managed ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) System, which was built through partnerships with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and Berkeley Seismology Lab.
Get ready to be shaken at the Humboldt County FairTimes-Standard, August 13th, 2022 The California Office of Emergency Services (OES) to bring the State’s Shake Trailer to the Humboldt County Fair August 18 – August 21.
Cal OES earthquake simulator gives earth-shaking demonstrationKRON4, April 10th, 2022 With Salinas being the last stop on the Shake Simulator Tour, KION456 stopped by the tour to get more information on how to be prepared in the event of the unexpected. KION546 spoke with Cal OES about tips and ways to prepare for a violent earthquake.
Earthquake simulator stopping at UC Berkeley todayKRON4, April 8th, 2022 KRON 4 stopped by the UC Berkley during the Shake Simulator event and sat down with Cal OES Seismic Hazards Branch Manager Jose Lara. The Shake Simulator tour reminds Californians about the dangers of earthquakes and the measures they can take to prepare.
Earthquake simulator shakes up downtown LAFOX 11 Los Angeles, April 5th, 2022 Fox 11 stops by the Union Station Shake Simulator event, giving people the chance to test how ready they are for "the big one." Cal OES Seismic Hazards Branch Manager Jose Lara discusses ways people can be prepared.
Earthquake simulator comes to Union Station in downtown LAKGTV - San Diego Scripps (ABC10), April 5th, 2022 CBS Los Angeles stopped by the Shake Simulator Tour at Union Station to discuss how Angelenos can be prepared for the unexpected with Cal OES Seismic Hazards Branch Manager Jose Lara. CBS Los Angeles is encouraging Angelenos to download the MyShake App.
Earthquake simulator shakes up Balboa ParkKGTV - San Diego Scripps (ABC10), April 4th, 2022 KGTV Stops by the Shake Simulator tour in Balboa Park to help educate the people of San Diego on how to be prepared. Cal OES Seismic Hazards Branch Manager Jose Lara discussed ways San Diegans could prepare and stay ready for an unexpected earthquake.
Simulator Held to Prep for EarthquakesKNSD-SD (NBC 7), April 4th, 2022 Cal OES Seismic Hazards Branch Manager Jose Lara discussed with KNSD San Diego on how families can be prepared during an unexpected earthquake. KNSD San Diego encourages families to download the MyShake App and come up with a plan to be prepared.
Bay Area Earthquakes: How to Prepare and What to Pack in an Emergency KitNBC Bay Area, March 3rd, 2022 Scientists predict a big earthquake could hit the Bay Area at any moment, according to a new report. Here’s how to prepare for the next big one.
Nate Ortiz discusses Resolve to be Ready and Earthquake Preparedness with North Coast NewsABC 7 KRCR/ North Coast News, Feb 7th, 2022 Cal OES Assistant Director of Preparedness Nate Ortiz sits down with KRCR North Coast News to discuss ways Californians can be ready for unexpected disasters. As Resolve to be Ready wraps up, Nate discusses the free resources Californians can use to be prepared against earthquakes by producing an emergency preparedness plan and including the MyShake App.
Lori Nezhura discusses Resolve to be Ready and Earthquake Preparedness with KTVU Fox 2KTVU Fox 2, Jan 11, 2022 Lori Nezhura deputy director of Planning, Preparedness and Prevention for Cal OES sits down with KTVU Fox 2 to discuss ways Californians can be ready for unexpected disasters. With January as Resolve to be Ready month, Lori talks about tips Californians can make to be more prepared against earthquakes by coming up with an emergency preparedness plan and including the MyShake App.
Cal OES discusses disaster preparedness, Resolve to Be ReadyKTXL, Jan. 5, 2022 January is Resolve to be Ready Month, and the California Office of Emergency Services is reminding everyone to be ready for disasters. Lori Nezhura, the deputy director of Planning, Preparedness and Prevention for Cal OES, joined Mae to share tips.
Californians "Get Ready to ShakeOut" this Thursday, October 21!PR Newswire, Oct. 21, 2021 This Thursday October 21 is International ShakeOut Day! In California, more than 7.5 million people and counting are registered to practice "Drop, Cover and Hold On," the best way to protect yourself in an earthquake. Throughout 2021, many ShakeOut participants have also planned to secure items that could fall or flyassemble disaster kitsupdate insurance policies and/or consider retrofits, and more as a part of the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety
Great California ShakeOut: Offices, businesses, schools to participate in statewide earthquake drillABC7, Oct. 20, 2021 People in government offices, businesses and schools throughout Southern California will stop everything for a minute Thursday to "drop, cover and hold on" during a statewide earthquake preparedness drill, now in its 13th year. The Great California ShakeOut of 2021
Habrá simulacro de terremoto en California este jueves y así puedes participar en élUnivision, Oct. 20, 2021 La organización El Gran ShakeOut de California organiza un simulacro para este jueves en la mañana, encaminado a que la población del estado dorado se encuentre lista para enfrentar un terremoto de gran escala en el futuro. En conjunto con la Oficina de Servicios de Emergencia de California ( Cal OES), darán una alerta este jueves a las 10:21 AM a través de la aplicación MyShake de Earthquake Warning California, como prueba para un terremoto de alta magnitud.
The Great California ShakeOut of 2021 is on ThursdaySpectrum News 1, October 20, 2021
During Thursday's Great Shakeout, San Diegans Will Prep for the ‘Big One'NBC7 San Diego, October 20, 2021 Californians can sign up for the MyShake App to receive a test earthquake warning. The free app is available at Apple App and Google Play. Wireless no-cost text messages for emergency situations alerts are also available.
Residents encouraged to participate in ShakeOut earthquake preparedness daySanta Monica Daily Press, October 20, 2021 On October 21st at 10:21am, Californians across the state will participate in International ShakeOut Day, an annual opportunity to practice earthquake safety actions. Santa Monica’s Office of Emergency Management encourages all households and businesses to participate in the ShakeOut. Make October 21st a day to review your emergency plan, start or refresh a disaster kit, or even just practice the three easy earthquake safety steps – Drop, Cover, and Hold On.
Sound Off – California Office of Emergency Services to share about the earthquake early warning systemKPRL – Sound Off - August 2, 2021 Cal OES’ Jon Gudel was interviewed about the MyShake App and earthquake warning system for the Central Coast “Sound Off” public affairs program with host, Jaime Umphenour.
Cal OES on how schools can prepare for earthquakes, disastersCalifornia School Boards Association - July 26, 2021
Earthquake Warning California is the first statewide warning system available in the nation that can give residents seconds to take cover prior to experiencing shaking, according to the department. The system for the west coast, including California, Oregon and Washington, is called ShakeAlert. Lori Nezhura, deputy director of planning, preparedness and prevention at Cal OES, explained how the system works through sensors in the ground that detect earthquakes and “send data to processing centers [that] send that data analysis out through various modalities to alert people.” There are three ways for people to receive alerts via handheld devices: the MyShake app, Android earthquake alerts and wireless emergency alerts. The alerts were created to give people the opportunity to “drop, cover and hold on” in advance of an earthquake.
What ShakeAlert warning system got wrong — and right — about this week’s 6.0 quake in CaliforniaMercury News - July 9, 2021 After more than a decade in development, the system is finally a reality for tens of millions of West Coast residents. Public use started in October 2019. There are three apps available: the U.S. Geological Survey’s ShakeAlert, University of California, Berkeley’s MyShake and Early Warning Labs’s QuakeAlertUSA. California authorities can also issue alerts via text message, through the Amber Alert-style Wireless Emergency System, which does not require downloading an app or having a smartphone. The earthquake warnings are possible because when a fault slips, it generates two kinds of waves. The initial waves travel fast but are weak. It’s the second set of waves that are so damaging. When seismic sensors detect the first waves, they quickly send alerts to monitoring centers in Seattle, Menlo Park, Berkeley and Pasadena, California. Within about 5 seconds, computer algorithms analyze the data to rapidly identify the epicenter and strength of the earthquake and decide whether the temblor will be powerful enough to warrant an alert. The system detects earthquakes as low as magnitude 3.5. Alerts are sent when a magnitude hits 4.5. The Amber Alert-style alarm goes off when a magnitude reaches 5.
Inside Cal OES For Aftermath of California QuakeCBS 13 Sacramento - July 8, 2021 The Office of Emergency Services got to working tracking the aftermath of the magnitude 6 quake that hit Mono County.
California Earthquakes Latest: Cal OES talks magnitude 6 earthquake in Northern CaliforniaABC 10 KXTV - July 8, 2021 Deputy Director of Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention, Lori Nezhura, at Cal OES discusses the earthquakes that hit Northern California.
'Very normal' | What to know about the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that rattled Northern CaliforniaABC 10 KXTV - July 8, 2021 Dr. Angela Chung, an earthquake expert, breaks down why this quake was nothing too out of the ordinary. Dr. Angela Chung, a project scientist at the Berkeley Seismology Lab, says the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that rattled parts of Northern California Thursday was nothing too out of the ordinary.
5.9 Earthquake Hits California Nevada Border, Multiple Aftershocks ReportedNewsweek - July 8, 2021 The USCS sends "Shake Alert" warning messages through FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System when available. Alternatively, users with the MyShake app installed on their phones receive alerts about earthquake activity in their area if it has reached a certain threshold. Several MyShake app users posted screenshots of their alerts to Twitter today in response to a @USGS_ShakeAlert tweeted request.
Magnitude 6.0 earthquake, aftershocks strike California-Nevada border, felt throughout Bay AreaKTVU FOX 2 - July 8, 2021 Several earthquakes struck along the California-Nevada state line Thursday afternoon. California's MyShake app alert, an early earthquake warning system for mobile devices, was launched in 2019. Officials said the system was working and that alerts did go out.
Visalia rocked by afternoon earthquake on California-Nevada borderVisalia Times-Delta - July 8, 2021 Residents of Visalia and the San Joaquin Valley felt an earthquake Thursday afternoon, but where did it come from? Lima advises the community to download the MyShake app for pre-alerts and notifications on earthquakes around the county. For more information on how to download and use the app, you can visit
KEYT News Channel 3 Ridgecrest AnniversaryKEYT (ABC, Fox, CBS) News - July 6, 2021 It's been two years since the Ridgecrest earthquakes rocked southern California. The magnitude six point four and seven point one earthquakes struck on July 4th and 5th east of Bakersfield in Kern County. Cal Poly earthquake experts say it's always important to be ready. They say everyone should be prepared to be without power, gas, water, and communication for at least 72 hours. The Governor's Office of Emergency Services also encourages everyone to download the MyShake app for earthquake early warning alerts.
Cal Poly earthquake experts provide safety tips amid two year anniversary of Ridgecrest earthquakeKEYT (ABC) Online - July 5, 2021 The Governor’s office of emergency services also encourages Central Coast residents to download the MyShake app for earthquake early warning alerts. “Those are not predictors of earthquakes,” said Deputy Director of Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention California Governor’s Office of Emergency Service Lori Nezhura. “They just sense the shaking and give moments of advance notice depending on the epicenter of the earthquake.”
The Big One Is Coming To Southern California. This Is Your Survival GuideLAist - June 14, 2021 If you have a cell phone in California you will receive Wireless Emergency Alerts from Cal OES on your phone. These alerts look like text messages but are accompanied by a loud, unique sound (i.e. those Amber Alert messages you get every so often) in order to get your attention.
Japan and Mexico have earthquake early-warning systems. How does California’s compare?LA Times - June 12, 2021 Right now, the alerts can get to you fastest if you’ve downloaded an app on a smartphone, such as the MyShake app developed by UC Berkeley or the QuakeAlertUSA app by Santa Monica-based Early Warning Labs. Google’s Android cellphone software system is automatically linked up to the earthquake early warning system, but no such feature exists for iOS on Apple devices.
How to Prepare for an Earthquake - 5 safety basics can protect people and propertyConsumer Reports - May 31, 2021 If you live in a quake-prone area, it’s wise to know the skills and steps that can keep you and your property safe. And if you’ll be traveling there, it’s good to know some safety basics—just in case. (...)Make sure your smartphone’s Wireless Emergency Alerts are on. If you are in California or Oregon, download one of the free MyShake or QuakeAlertUSA apps, which are designed to deliver alerts seconds before humans feel the ground shake, giving you extra time to shelter. They’re available on Android phones and iPhones. Check CR’s other tips on preparing your electronics for a natural disaster.
The Big One Is Coming To Southern California. This Is Your Survival GuideLAist - June 14, 2021 If you have a cell phone in California you will receive Wireless Emergency Alerts from Cal OES on your phone. These alerts look like text messages but are accompanied by a loud, unique sound (i.e. those Amber Alert messages you get every so often) in order to get your attention. The governor of California will first declare a state of emergency. Then the President will then confirm or deny the disaster declaration. Once confirmed, you will then hear proclamations pretty much everywhere there is power through Cal OES’s Emergency Alert System.
Earthquake apps: Which ones are worth downloading?Los Angeles Times - June 12, 2021 Apps cannot predict when and where an earthquake will strike, but there is a relatively new early warning system for the U.S. West Coast. Those warnings will come through an app called MyShake. California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced MyShake as a statewide earthquake early warning app in 2019. It was developed at UC Berkeley and is available in English and Spanish. Simple and easy to use, the app has a self-reporting feature and very specific filters that allow users to watch only certain areas, which is great for keeping the number of notifications reasonable. If you have room for only one, this is the earthquake app for Southern Californians. Verdict: Download
Counting bees, growing trees: How people’s efforts build back environmentsThe Christian Science Monitor - May 25, 2021 More than 50 million people living in the most earthquake-prone region of the country now have access to the early alerts, which are issued automatically to Android operating systems or through a number of mobile apps, such as MyShake and QuakeAlertUSA. The U.S. Geological Survey is also working to complete its seismic station network by late 2025, adding sensors to rural parts of the West Coast and ultimately improving alert times.
Don’t Wait for the Ground to Shake: Prepare for Earthquakes Before They HappenCal OES Newsroom - May 24, 2021 Give yourself vital seconds to prepare before any shaking starts. To receive earthquake warnings, download the MyShake App and ensure phone settings are adjusted to receive emergency alerts, including:
  • MyShake App: Free smartphone app that provides iPhone and Android users with audio and visual warnings [magnitude 4.5 or higher and Modified Mercalli Intensity III (weak) shaking]. Available in the Apple App and Google Play stores;
  • Android Earthquake Alerts: Android phones with updated operating systems are automatically subscribed to Android Earthquake Alerts, which uses the same technology as the MyShake App; and
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs): No-cost text messages for emergency situations [magnitude 5.0 or higher and Modified Mercalli Intensity IV (light) shaking].
3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes San Jose, South BayCBS KPIX - June 3, 2021 A small earthquake struck in San Jose Thursday morning, shaking a wide area of the South Bay. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a 3.6 magnitude and struck at 5:15 a.m. about five miles east of the Alum Rock neighborhood and a few miles northeast of Mount Hamilton. Many residents received a MyShake App alert prior to shaking warning them to drop, cover, and hold on.
Truckee quake gives CA's early earthquake warning app first real testKCRA - May 7, 2021 An earthquake Thursday night was large enough to trigger shake alert warnings on people's smartphones in Northern California. The alerts are part of an earthquake warning system that are sent out when quakes reach magnitude 4.5 or higher and are designed to give people time to take cover. "It was actually the first time that we've been able to use, on this scale, California's earthquake early warning system," said California Office of Emergency Services spokesperson Brian Ferguson. The early warning system goes through the MyShake app, which California first rolled out in October of 2019.
‘Earthquake country’: State agencies highlight quake preparednessKTXL (Fox40) - May 7, 2021 With the small earthquakes, some wonder if they are a precursor to something a bit larger in the future. “It’s hard to say. I mean, any small earthquake could develop into or trigger a larger earthquake,” Dawson said. “It doesn’t happen that often, it’s very rare, but it can happen.” That’s why the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services is glad to have been the first to launch an earthquake early warning system. “Last night was actually one of the first significant opportunities we’ve had to utilize it,” said Brian Ferguson, “If you were in San Francisco last night, you would have gotten 15 or 20 seconds of warning of this earthquake that was near Truckee.” The early warning system is available through the app store and already installed on Android devices. Cal OES’s MyShake app can alert people at the first rumble of trouble. “We actually work with partners at the United States Geological Survey, Cal Berkeley and Caltech to have an app that uses state-of-the-art motion sensors that are buried deep in the ground,” said Brian Ferguson. “And it actually sends a signal which notifies people who are in an area that could experience an earthquake of 4.5 or greater.” It would give people more time and awareness for earthquakes. “Just by taking a few minutes, putting that app on your phone, you can give your family life-saving seconds to protect themselves should an earthquake occur,” Ferguson said.
Quake Near Truckee: Why Some Got Shake Alerts And Others Didn’tKOVR (CBS) - May 7, 2021 The quake, which hit 11 miles northwest of Truckee, was felt in Reno, Sacramento and Stockton, but the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) says unless you have the state’s MyShake app, you may have missed it. “You can set the alert on the MyShake App to different thresholds, so sometimes the earthquakes will be above the thresholds set on individual phones,” said Brian May, of Cal OES. The system, launched in 2019, uses 800 ground motion sensors to deliver warnings to people over their cell phones before the strongest shaking starts. How fast you receive an alert depends on how far away you are from the epicenter. “It’s a great reminder that we drop cover and hold on,” said May. “It’s a great reminder that even a few seconds warning can be huge.”
Terremoto en el área de Lake Tahoe es el más fuerte en California desde hace siete mesesLa Opinion - May 7, 2021 Un terremoto de magnitud 4.7 fue registrado la noche del jueves cerca de Lake Tahoe, en el norte de California cerca del límite con el estado de Nevada. No se reportaron lesiones al ocurrir en un área remota. El sismo, localizado a unas 10 millas de Truckee en el área de Lake Tahoe, fue relevante porque además de su potencia activó la alerta sísmica con la app MyShake.
ShakeAlert Can Now Notify Entire West CoastLAist - May 5, 2021 By the way, here in California, you've got several ways to receive alerts. First two are built right into your phone: There's the Wireless Emergency System, that's how you get Amber Alerts. Android users can also get alerts through their operating system. You can also download two apps: MyShake and Quake Alert USA.
Earthquake Warning System Expands to All of West CoastGovernment Technology - May 5, 2021 The ShakeAlert system, which allows residents to receive earthquake warnings online and on their cellphones seconds before they feel any shaking, went live in Washington state Tuesday. The system was already active in California and Oregon. The system's debut in Washington completes the USGS' West Coast alert program rollout, which began with California in 2019 and expanded to Oregon in March, officials said. People in these states can now receive FEMA alerts through third-party phone apps — such as California's MyShake App — or through mobile text messages.
In major milestone, U.S. earthquake early warning system now covers entire West CoastLA Times - May 4, 2021 In California and Oregon, smartphone users can also download free apps to get earthquake early warning alerts. MyShake, developed by UC Berkeley, warns users that a quake has been detected and tells them to take protective action. QuakeAlertUSA, developed by Santa Monica-based Early Warning Labs, offers some additional tools: a countdown to when shaking is expected to arrive, and also notice about the intensity of shaking to expect, De Groot said. The city of Los Angeles once had its own earthquake early warning system mobile app, ShakeAlertLA, which was the first such system of its kind. But it was retired at the end of last year, and city officials recommended people download the MyShake app.
County Office of Emergency Services Urges San Diegans to Prep for EarthquakesNBC7 San Diego - April 28, 2021 In honor of Earthquake Preparedness Month in California, San Diego County's Office of Emergency Services reminded residents Wednesday not to get caught off guard and have a plan for how to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake. The announcement followed a magnitude 3.5 earthquake that struck Borrego Springs early Wednesday and caused light shaking to be felt across the San Diego region.
County Office of Emergency Services urges San Diegans to prep for earthquakesKUSI News - April 28, 2021 In honor of Earthquake Preparedness Month in California, San Diego County’s Office of Emergency Services reminded residents today not to get caught off guard and have a plan for how to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake. The announcement followed a magnitude 3.5 earthquake that struck Borrego Springs early Wednesday and caused light shaking to be felt across the San Diego region.
As Landmark Anniversary Nears, County Urges Residents to Prepare for EarthquakesCounty of San Mateo - April 16, 2021 April is “Earthquake Preparedness Month” and the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) Early Warning Program reminds residents that seconds count in saving lives during an earthquake. Belville said downloading the no-cost MyShake App — the state’s early warning app that provides users a few seconds of notice that shaking is about to occur — is among the easiest and helpful actions residents can take because it is not a matter of if an earthquake will occur, but when.
Earthquake Preparedness Month Is In AprilCanyon News - April 14, 2021 BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills has declared the month of April as Earthquake Preparedness Month in an effort to provide the public with safety measures in case an earthquake happens. The city of Beverly Hills indicated in a press release that during the month, a wide range of educational programs and information will be delivered to the community to limit damage and protect life and property.
City of Artesia Encourages Residents to Enroll in State’s Earthquake Early Warning SystemCity of Artesia - April 6, 2021 Natural disasters, like earthquakes, happen unexpectedly and can create major disruptions that last long after the event is over. Emergency situations may force individuals and families to quickly find shelter or evacuate from their homes, workplaces, or other settings. By being prepared and planning ahead, Artesia residents can quickly take life-saving actions to keep them safe in an earthquake.
7 Emergency Preparedness Apps to Keep on Your PhoneWIRED Magazine - April 5, 2021 The MyShake App is great if you want to learn more about the science of earthquakes, as it provides information from recent ones around the world. And if you're in one yourself, it may provide some data not available elsewhere. Under the Safety tab, graphics depict people doing various activities to prepare, survive, and recover from an earthquake.
Earthquake Warning California offers early warning earthquake appKFRG 95.1FM - Eye on the Community - April 1, 2021 April is National Earthquake Preparedness Month, and Earthquake Warning California is the first in the nation early warning system for earthquakes and includes technology such as the free MyShake App and Android Earthquake Alerts that can give mobile users a few moments notice before shaking so that they can take protective actions such as to drop, cover, and hold on. Amanda Moyer, who is the Program Manager of Earthquake Warning California for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, discusses how these warning systems work.
3 Steps Californians Should Take to Prepare for Big EarthquakeMercury News & East Bay Times - March 25, 2021 On April 18, 1906, a violent earthquake struck San Francisco, collapsing structures and rupturing water and gas lines. The quake, which lasted up to 60 seconds, resulted in the deaths of more than 700 people. More than a century later, California commemorates this historic event during April's Earthquake Awareness Month. In this op-ed, the Red Cross encourages Californians to be prepared by taking three key actions, including downloading the MyShake App to receive warnings.
Stay Informed: How Scales Help Us Describe DisastersCenters for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Blog - March 3, 2021 An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 struck the southern California city of Northridge in 1994. The quake killed 57 people, injured more than 9,000, and displaced over 20,000 (...) As a result, building codes changed and retrofitting was done at hospitals and on freeways and water pipes to mitigate (or reduce) the effect of the next earthquake. State and local responders are prepared for the next earthquake with emergency plans and early warning systems, like the MyShake App.
TehachaPod: Earthquake Warning CaliforniaCity of Tehachapi - February 24, 2021 California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) team member Amanda Moyer joins TehachaPod to talk about the new "My Shake" App that will give you an early warning of an earthquake. Science and technology come together to provide us with an early warning of an earthquake. It may only save you a few seconds to tens of seconds but that may be all the time you need to seek cover before the shaking begins.
Earthquake early warning system coming to OregonOregon Public Broadcasting - February 22, 2021 In a few weeks, Oregon will have its very own ShakeAlert system — a network of sensors that can detect seismic shifts and send out an alert via mobile devices seconds before shaking begins. California has had a ShakeAlert system in place since 2019 and has used it more than a dozen times as part of Earthquake Warning California. OBP speaks with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Public Policy Specialist, Emily Holland, to hear about how it works.
California Dreaming: Earthquakes and the danger we live with every dayABC 7 - February 6, 2021 California is earthquake country. It's estimated there's a quake in the state every three minutes, although most are too small to be noticeable. It's a danger we live with every day. While scientists can't predict earthquakes, seismologists are using smartphones to give us a warning that shaking has started - enough time to seek shelter. But cell phone technology does not stop there. “If the Loma Prieta earthquake happened again, we would be able to provide about 10 seconds of warning between when the earthquake started and when the shaking would reach Oakland. The idea with giving people warning, even if it's just a few seconds, is that they can then take action to protect themselves.”
FAQ: What to Know About the MyShake Earthquake Warning AppNBC Los Angeles - January 16, 2021 The ShakeAlertLA app familiar to many Los Angeles resident stopped issuing earthquake warnings at the end of 2020. Developed to issue alerts when earthquakes reach a magnitude of 4.5 or greater, the app issued 100,000 early warning alerts of all recordable earthquake activity since its launch in 2018, the mayor's office said Wednesday. With ShakeAlertLA in retirement, the city urged residents to download the statewide MyShake app. MyShake is a statewide system that was announced by the governor on Oct. 17, 2019. The MyShake app is available for download through the Apple Store or Google Play.
Prepping for the ‘big one’ with Los Altos’ disaster expertLos Altos - January 13, 2021 The Town Crier spoke last week with Los Altos emergency preparedness coordinator Ann Hepenstal for tips on preparing for the next “big one.” The interview below has been edited for clarity and length. One can go to the USGS website,, and see recent earthquakes and where people felt them. You can add your own comments about what you felt and experienced. Most of them you don’t notice. There’s also an early-warning app for Android and Apple called MyShake.
City of Los Angeles phasing out ShakeAlertLA in favor of new app, MyShakeABC7 - December 28, 2020 The City of Los Angeles is phasing out the USGS ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system app "ShakeAlertLA" and introducing a new early warning app. One week from Friday, ShakeAlertLA will be retired. Users are being encouraged to download MyShake, a new statewide app that is being rolled out. MyShake uses information from the USGS to give Californians a heads up before a strong quake hits. It also improves on lessons learned by developers of ShakeAlertLA.
‘Don’t Get Caught Off Guard’Santa Barbara News-Press - December 27, 2020 Are you ready for the “big one?” Regardless of how you answer that question, the good news is that tools are available. Earlier this year, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, known as Cal OES, announced the launch of a public awareness campaign to educate all California residents about the state’s innovative earthquake warning system — Earthquake Warning California.
Mayor Garcetti Calls on Angelenos to Download MyShake 23-Dec-20After two-year pilot phase reached nearly one million users, Mayor announces end of ShakeAlert L.A. and transition to new platform LOS ANGELES –– Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced that the City of Los Angeles will retire the ShakeAlertLA earthquake early warning mobile app on December 31, 2020. The app was a pilot project that laid the foundation for an earthquake early warning alert system in California. Angelenos are now encouraged to download MyShake, a new statewide cell phone app from Earthquake Early Warning California that is powered by ShakeAlert and builds on lessons learned from the City’s two-year ShakeAlert pilot to deliver earthquake early warning alerts to people across L.A. County.
Sign Up for Earthquake Warning CaliforniaCity of San Clemente - December 18, 2020 In order to make it easy for organizations and individuals to share information about Earthquake Warning California, Cal OES has created a series of toolkits that can be copied, customized, and shared with friends, family, coworkers, clients, and the community. All toolkits are available on our website in English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified and Mandarin), Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. The website also includes social media graphics that can be downloaded and shared.
App provides early earthquake warningsAntelope Valley Press - December 4, 2020 PALMDALE —Pandemics and wildfires can catch people off-guard, but earthquakes no longer have to, thanks to Earthquake Warning California. “With the early earthquakes tools and applications we can get just a few seconds warning now before we experience shaking,” Amanda Moyer, program manager of California Earthquake Early Warning Program said in a telephone interview. “Those few seconds can save lives to give us time to drop, cover, and hold on and protect ourselves before strong shaking occurs.”
California OES to issue earthquake warning test for 'Great California Shakeout'ABC 10 - October 14, 2020 SACRAMENTO, Calif — The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is issuing an earthquake warning test on Thursday as part of the Great California Shakeout. Cal OES will activate the alert through California's MyShake phone application, which is available for free from Apple and Google Play stores. Cal OES officials ask from those who receive the alert to practice "dropping, covering and holding on" or other protective measures they would do in a real-life earthquake.
Get ready to ‘drop, cover and hold’ Thursday for the Great California ShakeOut DrillOC Register – October 13, 2020 “At 10:15 a.m., participants — including students, government workers, business employees and families — will be instructed to drop to the ground, take cover under a desk, table or other sturdy surface and hold on for 60 seconds, as if a major earthquake were occurring. Those who have downloaded the MyShake application to their phone will receive a test warning with similar guidance.”
Esto debes conocer del simulacro de terremoto que preparan en California para este juevesUnivision – October 13, 2020 “El estado de California lanzó su sistema de alerta sísmica anticipada, el cual avisa segundos antes, la ocurrencia de un terremoto. La Oficina de Emergencias de California insta a los californianos a descargar la aplicación MyShake para recibir una prueba de alerta de terremoto el 15 de octubre.”
Drop, Cover, Hold!: Great California ShakeOut is ThursdayThe Times Standard – October 14, 2020 “Californians are also being urged to download the MyShake App, a free alert system for Andriod and iPhone. The app uses the state’s extensive base of earthquake monitoring equipment to give residents some notice, at least a few seconds worth, that an earthquake is headed their way.”
How diverse is your government? + Arrests at Capitol protests + Are you earthquake ready?Sacramento Bee - October 5, 2020 The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services has launched a campaign to spread awareness of the state’s new Earthquake Warning California system. The state will launch an advertising campaign titled “Don’t Get Caught Off Guard,” which will advertise on digital, social and broadcast media through 2022, with an optional one-year extension.
California launches preparedness campaign as earthquakes rattle rural townFox26 News - October 1, 2020 The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has launched a new earthquake preparedness campaign Thursday. The announcement comes as an earthquake swarm continues to rattle a rural area of Southern California. Hundreds of earthquakes have hit since Wednesday south of the Salton Sea, near the town of Westmoreland. The campaign, "Don't Get Caught Off Guard," directs Californians to no-cost tools, resources, and information, including the smartphone MyShake App, Android Earthquake Alerts, Government Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs), and the website.
Earthquake swarm rattles rural southeastern CaliforniaSFGate  – October 1, 2020 “The state on Thursday coincidentally launched a ‘Don’t Get Caught Off Guard’ campaign to raise awareness of California's earthquake warning system which detects the start of a quake and sends alerts so that people can protect themselves before shaking arrives. The annual Great California ShakeOut, in which millions of people practice the “drop, cover, hold on” response to earthquakes, is scheduled for Oct. 15.”
Shakin’ It UpPolitico – October 1, 2020 “California launched a broad new public education campaign on Thursday that offers residents no-cost tools, resources and information on how to prepare for the next big shaker. “Don’t Get Caught Off Guard,” from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, includes easy access to Earthquake Warning California, the state’s earthquake warning system.”
Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Announces “Don’t Get Caught Off Guard” Earthquake Early Warning Education and Preparedness Campaign
La oficina de Servicios de Emergencia del Gobernador anuncia, "Don't Get Caught Off Guard" (Que no te atrapen desprevenido) Educación temprana para la prevención de terremotos y Campaña de preparación
Governor Newsom and Google Partner to Bring Earthquake Early Warning to Millions of Smart Phones

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