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Get ready to ‘drop, cover and hold’ Thursday for the Great California ShakeOut Drill

OC Register – October 13, 2020

“At 10:15 a.m., participants — including students, government workers, business employees and families — will be instructed to drop to the ground, take cover under a desk, table or other sturdy surface and hold on for 60 seconds, as if a major earthquake were occurring. Those who have downloaded the MyShake application to their phone will receive a test warning with similar guidance.”


Esto debes conocer del simulacro de terremoto que preparan en California para este jueves

Univision – October 13, 2020

“El estado de California lanzó su sistema de alerta sísmica anticipada, el cual avisa segundos antes, la ocurrencia de un terremoto. La Oficina de Emergencias de California insta a los californianos a descargar la aplicación MyShake para recibir una prueba de alerta de terremoto el 15 de octubre.”


Drop, Cover, Hold!: Great California ShakeOut is Thursday

The Times Standard – October 14, 2020

“Californians are also being urged to download the MyShake App, a free alert system for Andriod and iPhone. The app uses the state’s extensive base of earthquake monitoring equipment to give residents some notice, at least a few seconds worth, that an earthquake is headed their way.”


Earthquake swarm rattles rural southeastern California

SFGate  – October 1, 2020

“The state on Thursday coincidentally launched a ‘Don’t Get Caught Off Guard’ campaign to raise awareness of California’s earthquake warning system which detects the start of a quake and sends alerts so that people can protect themselves before shaking arrives. The annual Great California ShakeOut, in which millions of people practice the “drop, cover, hold on” response to earthquakes, is scheduled for Oct. 15.”


Shakin’ It Up

Politico – October 1, 2020

California launched a broad new public education campaign on Thursday that offers residents no-cost tools, resources and information on how to prepare for the next big shaker. “Don’t Get Caught Off Guard,” from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, includes easy access to Earthquake Warning California, the state’s earthquake warning system.”


Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Announces “Don’t Get Caught Off Guard” Earthquake Early Warning Education and Preparedness Campaign


La oficina de Servicios de Emergencia del Gobernador anuncia, “Don’t Get Caught Off Guard” (Que no te atrapen desprevenido) Educación temprana para la prevención de terremotos y Campaña de preparación


Governor Newsom and Google Partner to Bring Earthquake Early Warning to Millions of Smart Phones

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